Wednesday, 11 August 2010

latest collection of bags

This is my latest collection of bags all made from vintage fabrics.The fabrics come from charity shops,car boot sales and good friends who know my passion for old and often smelly fabrics that have had a past life and deserve a whole new look and purpose.In my book thats proper re-cycling and another chapter in the story begins.
The circus comes to town. No animals were hurt in the making of this bag you will be pleased to hear

80s head scarf mixed with 60s hand embroidered table linen mix well for this very girly bag.

this bag was inspired by the birds on the curtain fabric given to me recently. The tail feathers are french partridge and he is surrounded,in mid flight,by lace and trimmings from my Nans sewing box.Feathery and fabulous.

Monday, 9 August 2010

A rainy day project finally got completed this week. I have been wanting to re vamp this much loved rocking chair for some time and as the rain lashed down last weds i finally got round to it. I used a combination of fabric bought from Ikea and a sleeve from a coat i made with fabric i had screen printed when i was at art college. This has a patch of tea dyed lace from vintage table linen layered to finish the look.
If you look closely you can see how it matches the black and white paint splattered walls of my spare bedroom.

Next time you are in London's Regent St go visit Anthropology and treat yourself to a feast of visual merchandising at its creative best. The "living wall" above is just one of the delights in store. Enjoy.
A recent day trip to Brighton filled my lungs with sea air and my head with inspiration.the late evening sun over the sad and still beautiful West Pier.

found this lovely lady in a shop in the lanes. she is literally edible as she is all cake as well as being all woman